”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The future is now”

MediaUno Media Group, the Romanian National Institute of Statistics, the Department for Sustainable Development of the Romanian Government and MediaUno Association are organising, in partnership with the Romanian Senate, ”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The future is now. Perspectives of the aftermath”, the 15th event in the series ”Together We Protect Romania”, scheduled to take place between 11-29 May 2023 in Bucharest.

”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The future is Now.Perspectives of the aftermath” will strengthen the position of Romania’s capital city on the map of top conferences and will raise the most pressing issues of the moment, while attempting to find solutions thereof.

The difficulties generated by the pandemic period, the multiple crises caused by the Russian Federation’s war in Ukraine, the nuclear threat, the alarming signs of climate change, have brought humanity to an unprecedented turning point. Shaping our future and that of the next generations cannot be left to chance! This is a time for wise and visionary decisions, which cannot be identified without broad and thorough debate or without the will of decision-makers.

In view of the multiple crises facing humanity, the MediaUno Media Group and the Romanian National Institute of Statistics decided to create a unique platform to explore and discuss topical issues, as in the previous meetings.

On the occasion of this summit, we aim to reiterate the international success of events such as: ”2021 Bucharest Summit: Cooperation for Development”, ”Building the Post-Pandemic World: The path to a more sustainable, resilient and safe society”, ”Movers and Shakers”, ”Protecting Europe in Turbulent Times, Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The Enduring Power of Solidarity” or ”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Emerging challenges of the future”, a series of conferences attended by over 2,000 speakers from Romania and abroad. According to Facebook statistics, ”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Emerging challenges of the future” had over 1,500,000 views.

”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The future is now. Perspectives of the aftermath” will bring together, in Bucharest, key political and business actors from Romania, the European Union and overseas, representatives of leading international organisations, analysts and experts, representatives of the media and civil society, so that the current picture of our world and the vision of the desired future are as comprehensive as possible.

Program draft of the Summit:


11 May 2023- Official Opening – Palace of Parliament

12 May 2023- National Security/Air Forces/Naval Forces/Land Forces – Palace of Parliament

15 May 2023 –Agriculture and Food Industry/Mental Health – Palace of Parliament

16 May 2023 – Finance & Banking/Oncology – Palace of Parliament

17 May 2023- Healthcare – Palace of Parliament

18 May 2023- Cardiology/ FIV – Palace of Parliament

19 May 2023- Education & Research/ The social field and citizen safety- Palace of Parliament/ National Institute of Statistics

22 May 2023- Industry – Palace of Parliament

23 May 2023- Energy – Palace of Parliament

24 May 2023- Equal Opportunities /Environment – Palace of Parliament /National Institute of Statistics

25 May 2023- Digitalization & Cyber Security – National Institute of Statistics

26 May 2023- Demography/ Transport and infrastructure- National Institute of Statistics

29 May 2023- Sustainable Development – National Institute of Statistics

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